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I know there's a website where we can look at simple GW2 statistics, but I was wondering, is there any website that provides us more specific info?

Like, which races are the most common within each profession. Mostly item based. Pretty sure i saw percentages of most popular to least popular races, classes etc. However, what you're asking for is difficult to be accurate on, because the API is an opt in affair, and no other way exists to track this data outside of Anet that isn't a survey and the self selection bias that tends to come with it.

Most of the data pools I have been able to find are pre-POF; and I believe that to be a significant turning point since those Especs incentivized players to explore more classes they were likely avoiding. And the margin is significant May 31, in Guild Wars 2 Discussion. Hi everyone. Thank you! May 31, Doesnt gw2 efficiency have plenty of stats?

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Privacy Policy Legal Documentation. Go To Top.Redditor moriz0 shared their estimates of the currently-playing GW2 community in this reddit post. See also the discussion on Reddit; people have raised a variety of interesting points, some of which I have tried to highlight in the next post in this thread.

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On September ofi made this post with an estimate of GW2's population. Check out the link to see my methodology. Now plenty has happened in the intervening time, so I thought it is time for an update.

Using the exact methods as in my original post, here are the estimated numbers:. So, I estimate that GW2's current "active" population to be around 3. Keep in mind that it is difficult to nail down an exact number for "active" accounts, since GW2 does not have a subscription service.

However, it is reasonable to assume that the minimum activity level of these accounts is "logs in at least a few times a month". Added: Since it keeps coming up, I'll mention it here: think of this estimate as measuring "people who are actively interested in the game enough to logon once a month" rather than "active" in the sense of playing the game to the point we'd see them at a meta or in a fractal etc. It's a very specific sort of measurement that has a lot of limitations. It's useful mostly as a relative number to compare to various points in the game's history.

Hype is the path to the dark side. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations. Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to disgust. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies! I'm back! Illconceived Was Na. What is an Active Player? The original poster uses the term "active player", which is controversial, because we all have different ideas of what it means to be "active.

What is the 80 20 5 Rule Used to Estimate Population? The short version: humans are terrible about estimating because we are too influenced by what's in our field-of-view; the 80 20 5 rule was developed by the gaming industry based on using actual metrics, not anyone's guesses.

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The use of the 80 20 5 rule is going to be counter-intuitive for a lot of people. Please read the link before deciding how you feel about it.Limited-time offer. There are amazing bargains and deals when you order on Guild Wars 2 online HotDeals is your warm place to discover this super saving deal.

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Guild Wars 2 offers a wide range of PC Games items at an attractive price. Guild Wars 2 promotion code is in the control of you. It takes no sweat to get your favorites with less money. Looking for top online deals for Guild Wars 2?Dark Red Killian. Should Legendary Infusions be a thing? By Legendary Infusions I mean just like Legendary Sigils and Runes, no cosmetics and only stat swappable without the need to use additional materials and the mystic forge every time Should also make that Infusions with Aura can be put into the Wardrobe and possible to transmute those auras to the Legendary Infusions Of course there should be the option to remove the aura from the Legendary Infusion should you get sick of it, basically a "blank skin" for infusions.

IMO those are some things that are way due to be put into the game Should also be possible to switch between Agony and WvW bonuses or just put both at the same time?

Not like having both bonuses active affects the game modes that the bonuses don't apply to Infusions are tricky. So, I have been wondering what they are going to do for the end of LWS5, since there isn't a piece of gear for a given build except infusions left without a legendary option.

Leg infusions sound kind of sketchy to me, and I would be disappointed if they took that route. I haven't bothered with them except for my toon I do my daily fractals with, pdps and cdps for raids, and visual effects for fashion wars and the lulz.

However, given the timing of the fact that every important piece of gear in a single build just became capable of being legendary literally a few weeks ago, the capstone to it all would be this Armory. Finally ending the tedium of swapping gear would make the legendary ecosystem complete and provide more than enough utility to justify a grindy LWS goal, imo. Do you think it is possible they will make the LWS5 end of season goal the Armory? I could also see the argument that the armory wouldn't be that useful unless you multiclass and isn't a good standalone reward like the rest of the LWS rewards were.

Mor The Thief. Legendary Armor and Weapons serve the same function, removing the cost to change their stats. Legendary Infusions would do the same.

Absolutely not. This would take a very significant amount of dev time to implement.

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This is likely the reason we are not able to toggle legendary accessories effects. Even just a toggle will take or is taking a very long time to implement. Legendary items do not give any advantages over non legendary items.

Or stated another way, a player with and a player without legendary armor must be able to have the exact same stats always.So i want to get some unlimited gathering tools since i dont have any and want to get the fastest ones, wich ones would that be? I assume the consortium sickle is still the fastest, but im not sure about the mining and logging tools.

Necromancer - Guild Wars 2 - Fanmade Concept

I don't know the answer, but it's a good question. I'd like to know that! Also, do the speed glyphs make them even faster if they're one of the odd quick animations? Aren't they all supposed to be the same duration? You need upgrades to make gathering faster after all.

They are supposed to be the same duration, but it's buggy as hell and each skin has a different speed. There is also that bug on the Swarm Logging Flute where it's obviously supposed to gather 4 times, but the 3rd time never works and you just end up gathering 3 times just more slowly than any other tool because the last one takes ages to proc.

So basically you pay for a downgrade. That fiery harvesting tool that summons the little screeching phoenix is very quick.

reddit comr guildwars2

Or is the Consortium sickle one of those that gathers the whole node all at once or something weird like that? Keep in mind some of them you can cancel the animations after receiving the items by moving, which cuts the time in half. Best in slot? Ok thank you everyone for your answers.

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Luckily i was still ably to pick up the consortium sickle 2 days before it rotated out. Im a bit surprised that the older tools are still the faster ones. This is especially true with animation cancelling. January 18, in Players Helping Players. January 19, January 22, edited January 22, January 23, edited January 23, January 31, Drarnor Kunoram.

Plague Signet is the only skill in the game that is worse when traited. You will be signed out in 60 seconds due to inactivity. Click here to continue using the site. Follow Us:. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Privacy Policy Legal Documentation. Go To Top.Of course there is a possibility of me just But that's not the point. I simply don't understand why that recipe doesn't show up.

reddit comr guildwars2

You can get a legendary precursor for that kind of money!!! I prefer to make my own food and utilities as opposed to buying them because I love exploration and cooking gives me incentive to visit different maps to get the materials I need. Right now I'm just using the regular Butternut Squash Soup and while it's fine for T4 fractals and such, the completionist in me is ticked off that this one recipe just doesn't seem to factor into the rotation.

What gives? You are absolutely right, it never shows up. Meanwhile other recipes show up all the freaking time. I've been awaiting it since january and it simply does not show up. The non account bound version no longer exists as a drop to supply the tp an the recipe can only be obtainaned via the pact network Npc as an account bound rng drop. What sleep is here? What dreams there are in the unctuous coiling of the snakes mortal shuffling.

My hand the arcing deathblow at the end of all things. The horror. I embrace it. Thanks for that. Just shows how pathetic the rate is. Six times within a span of 10 months, and in two of those instances, five days apart.

Legendary Equipment and Templates - [Merged]

What a load of bull. Neither did the Superior Sigil of Bursting recipe. Unlike your soup recipe, it never showed up once during that time. I had to get it through other means.

There is definitely something broken with the PSNA availability of certain items, and has been for at least half a year now. The devs need to look into it.

reddit comr guildwars2

They do it to make you obsess over it But how much is it really worth to you? You could get it at any time off the TP Isn't there a cheaper replacement from the Olmakhan? Avocado Smoothie? But you save around 1g in materials. Using the smoothie has been seen as controversial, though.

No pod is worth two slav- I mean, no recipe is worth almost two commander tags or two Gryphons, I'll tell you that. I know it's a petty thing to complain about and I'm also aware it's just another ploy to keep you logging in every day ANet is good at thatbut even so, the RNG for this is ridiculous.

I would at least try and make it so that PSNAs have, let's say, two categories of recipes on offer that change weekly or even daily. That is still plenty of RNG but it's cut down by some varibles. For example, one day, they offer one "weapon" recipe and one "food recipe". Then, they offer an "upgrade" recipe and an "armor piece" recipe.

And so on.Discussion List Discussion.

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Gaile Gray. Butterfly Kingdom. Astral Projections.


Legendary Equipment and Templates - [Merged] 1 Fire Attunement. Stephane Lo Presti. Inculpatus cedo. Casual Gamer perspective. Where's the Q4 Roadmap? Reviving dead characters 1 2. Come on Old Lion's Arch Pass! Suggestion: change under wear to actual clothes for all races. Laila Lightness.

Things that make me sad about the new Expansion announcement 1 2. Please, please Arenanet let players have different key binds for separate characters. Design-an-outfit contest? Silverwastes achievements question. Just a flesh wound. Note: You can now change your display name via support. There a reason that ES weapons are still restricted to ES? Is your character you? Does Greater Call of Mists do anything?

Crystal Black. Please change "Playable area". Simple changes to reward systems to vastly improve game's appeal.

reddit comr guildwars2

What do you want for third expansion? Should we changes to the of Elite Weapons Poll. GW2 could really benefit from a Wardrobe slot system. It has been 6 Years. ArenaNet please rethink how you sell the game with Steam release. Hide chest armor function 1 2 Poll.

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